Life in JPV

Transformational Education

  • Co-educational & Child centric education.
  • Stress-free education system.
  • Student exchange programme within India.
  • Model parliament, Debate & Theory of Knowledge.
  • Support for the differently abled.
  • Every child is on the “stage” during the school day.
  • Students experience activities beyond school such as athletics, sports, music, theatre, drama, dance, yoga, martial arts, foreign languages & scouting.
  • Inspiring patriotism.
  • Experiential learning via Maker Fest, Activities, Science Expo and the Startup Innovation Fest.

Green Park International School CBSE: Transformational Teaching 

1. Learning Environment: Creating a learning environment that is vibrant and engaging, with plenty of opportunities to discuss ideas and collaborate on solutions. 

2. Innovation Strategy: Developing an innovation strategy based upon the academic program designed to promote student achievement and well-being. 

3. Inclusive Pedagogy: Incorporating inclusive pedagogical practices in order to cater to all types of learners in each classroom setting. 

4. Professional Development Model: Building a comprehensive professional development model for teachers at Green Park International School ,in order to ensure effective implementation of new curricula, technologies, instructional strategies etc . 

5. Data Driven Analysis : Utilizing data driven decision making analysis from assessment results feed back loops and performance metrics towards maximize success rate outcomes for students academics goals at schools overall system level.

Green Park International School are committed to transforming the way children learn through their best unique teaching approach. By combining creative and engaging teaching methods with a traditional tutorial style, they aim to create an environment whereby students can develop a strong foundation in key concepts while also having fun learning. Their team of highly qualified teachers utilizes experiential learning activities, such as field trips and interactive lectures, so that every student has access to hands-on learning experiences which remain with them long after they leave school. They make use of multiple intelligences (visual, linguistic, intrapersonal) in their lessons along with practical activities like group projects or debates to ensure each child’s needs are catered for effectively. Central themes are identified at the beginning of the year upon which all subjects revolve around; this ensures effective integration across different topics and develops deeper understanding amongst learners regarding complex ideas.

Important 21st Century Skills are exposed to and integrated into our student's learning experience.

21st century learning is all about preparing students for success in an ever-changing world. We are not only teaching core academic knowledge, but also exposing and integrating valuable skills that will help them thrive today and into the future. Skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication, collaboration, digital literacy, and media literacy should be focused on so they are prepared to face challenges head on. By giving our kids these tools, we can ensure a bright future for generations to come.

Another important 21st century skill for our students is the ability to think outside the box. Green Park International School CBSE encourages and promotes this through their learning experiences by incorporating innovative teaching methods, encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, implementing project-based learning tasks, providing access to real-world opportunities such as internships or job shadowing programmes, and exposing students to a variety of challenging yet engaging topics. Additionally, we ensure technology integration in order for students to keep up with advances in modern technologies and be able to use them appropriately during their academic experience.

Self-awareness is an important skill to develop in order to succeed both academically and personally. In this article, we will discuss the benefits that self-awareness has for students and how they can go about developing it.

What is self-awareness?

Before discussing how self-awareness can help students, let us first understand what exactly it means. Simply put, self-awareness is having a deep understanding of oneself—being conscious of one’s feelings, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It is also knowing one’s own values and purpose in life so that one can make better decisions for their future growth and development. Ideally everyone should become more self aware as they grow older but especially so for students who are at such a crucial stage where personal insight matters even more than academic success alone due to its potential impact further down the road if tapped into correctly.

The Impact of Self Awareness on Student Success:

Understanding one's emotions contributes to building a solid basis for successful achievements. Understanding how feelings like fear or anger can affect behaviour and decision-making is part of this. Learning how to control their emotions helps students better manage their thoughts and take responsibility for the decisions they make in a variety of situations, both inside and outside of the classroom. This helps students focus more intently, which improves academic performance because distractions are better controlled. Also, being aware of outside forces helps with decisions and offers clarity through trying times. It also enhances problem-solving skills by helping people recognise patterns via experience or reflection, which promotes good change or growth among people and leads to academic success.

This is especially clear in the solid work ethic displayed in the tasks completed throughout the coursework material, which allows for plenty of time for rest, which is necessary for the productivity needed towards the current school-related tasks without the lack of it hampered the grade standards that will be ultimately determined (directly).



          No of your age, gender, or circumstance, you may improve your capacity to make intelligent decisions by increasing your wisdom by being honest with yourself about your thoughts, ideas, and opinions before acting meaningfully or when making every-day decisions. This smart decision-maker frequently steers you away from dead ends, giving you opportunities for growth along the route.


         Increased Emotional Intelligence & Respect: According to scientific study, those who challenge their morality on a regular basis have much higher emotional intelligence than people who don't (Hawley et al., 2018). Building strong relationships based on respect for each other's behavioural activities is made simpler in 2018 because trust develops over time rather than evaporating quickly owing to a lack of attention to reality (i.e., while stuck within deeper monkey minds, etc.,

How Jayapriya Vidyalaya Helps Students Understand Different Emotions:

At  Green Park International School CBSE, we believe in cultivating meaningful relationships between students and their classmates. That is why the school offers a plethora of activities that are designed to help children better understand different emotions they may experience on a day-to-day basis.

 Green Park International School CBSE also has various initiatives in place which foster emotional development among its pupils. Examples include: role playing exercises, team building games, interactive art projects and workshops teaching mindfulness techniques such as yoga or meditation. During all of these, the students are able to express themselves freely while receiving verbal guidance from experienced teachers allowing them to become more aware of their feelings towards certain events/interactions/experiences etc. Essentially by participating in controlled environments like this one, kids begin opening up about any negative reactions they have regarding difficult topics or simply gain practice talking openly about positive ones without fear of judgement from peers or adults alike. 

Oftentimes sharing problems with people closest to us might be hard due to the feeling of ‘saying too much’ but by engaging emotionally open dialogue outside classroom walls – even if only through virtual means –students develop an invaluable skill set successful throughout adulthood i .e communication when facing difficulties being private matters yet needing resolution - something integral part today's socially demanding lifestyle , since having strong links within familial/friendship circles improves mental health effectively reducing stress handling pressure alone adds responsibilities comes with age (career wise etc). Thus overall engagement promotes both knowledge growth related complex existence better management coping resources integrated yourself environment increasing high quality life many years come! 


JPV Digital Learning Platform


           Green Park International School CBSE is a school that believes in the power of digital learning. We are passionate about providing our students with an education experience that takes advantage of all the latest technologies, enabling them to learn at their own pace and grow as confident learners. Our curriculum focuses on an individualized approach combining both traditional offline methods and innovative digital resources for maximum exposure and engagement with information. Through hands-on activities, interactive simulations, projects, videos and more; students explore core concepts across multiple disciplines while developing skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and creative expression. At  Green Park International School CBSE you can be sure your child will receive a quality education using cutting edge technology!

“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational."- George Couros

 Green Park International School CBSE is a digital learning platform for students. It enables them to receive an education through online activities and resources that are specifically designed for their grade level. The platform is organized into different categories, with each one focusing on specific topics such as science, math, language arts, social studies, and more. Teachers can also assign tasks and exams via the system so that students can apply what they have learned in real-life scenarios. In this way,  Green Park International School CBSE makes traditional classroom learning more efficient by using technology to help enhance student engagement while still ensuring they learn the essential skills required at every stage of their educational journey! 

 Green Park International School CBSE is a digital learning hub for students. It offers a comprehensive curriculum with the following headings:

• Mathematics

• Science and Technology

• English Language Arts (ELA)

• Social Studies

• Physical Education, Health and Nutrition

Each subject provides engaging lessons in an interactive format to ensure each student’s overall development. In addition, teachers can also customize their content delivery based on individual student needs or preferences. The school also has dedicated counsellors who are available for counselling services if needed.

 Green Park International School CBSE is a digital learning platform that helps students reach their academic goals. The platform is organized into key sections including:

1) Courses: offering both pre-recorded and live classes on various topics related to the student's education, with options for self assessment activities.

2) Assignments: providing guidance on upcoming assignments, helping students plan out which tasks need to be completed first and aiding in keeping track of progress over time.

3) Activities: encouraging collaborative work between peers, developing problem solving skills through interactive games or puzzles; and providing regular quizzes for feedback about level of understanding.

4) Reports – containing graphs regarding overall performance across all subjects studied, allowing parents, guardians, & teachers to keep track of areas where further attention may be necessary. is a digital learning platform that helps students reach their academic goals. 

Art Education and Art Integration

At  Green Park International School CBSE, we believe that art education is an essential part of a student’s development. We strive to provide our students with the best possible art education and experiences. Our goal is to help them develop their creative skills and express themselves through various forms of art. 

We offer a variety of classes for our students, ranging from drawing and painting to sculpture and photography. Each class focuses on different techniques, materials, and concepts so that our students can explore all aspects of art-making. We also have special workshops where they can learn about specific topics such as color theory or perspective drawing. 

Our teachers are experienced professionals who understand the importance of providing quality instruction in a safe environment. They use innovative teaching methods to ensure that each student gets individual attention while learning new skills at their own pace. The teachers also encourage collaboration among the students so they can share ideas and work together on projects. 

In addition to classroom instruction, we also organize field trips for our students so they can experience firsthand how artists create works in real life settings like museums or galleries. This helps them gain valuable insight into the creative process which will benefit them throughout their lives as artists or simply as appreciators of artworks created by others! 

  Green Park International School CBSE uses an innovative teaching method called Art Education and Art Integration to engage students in learning. This approach combines artistic expression with academic content, allowing children to explore their creative potential while engaging in meaningful educational experiences. Through hands-on activities such as painting, sculpting, drawing, and music production,  Green Park International School CBSE' teachers help foster a lifelong interest in creativity and diverse fields of study. By enabling students to integrate art into more traditional course work they gain new perspectives on the curriculum which can lead to greater engagement and deeper understanding of underlying concepts.

  Green Park International School CBSE is a renowned education provider that primarily focuses on art education and art integration for students. 

• Teaching Methodology 

 Green Park International School CBSE teaching method involves a holistic approach to learning, where the focus is placed not only on theoretical knowledge but also in practical application of concepts learned. They incorporate techniques such as storytelling, role-play, projects based assignments and an overall creative atmosphere in their classrooms which fosters the development of new skills among students. Additionally, they use unique technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality tools to make classes more interactive. 

• Art Education Curriculum 

The school offers comprehensive courses covering classical fine arts, general visual arts and graphic design studies with teachers possessing expertise in both traditional sketching methods and modern software/digital media platforms alike. The curriculum highlights different skill sets like freehand drawing or cartoon character animation from basic level all up through giving professional assistance towards mastery at advanced levels too. Specialized laboratories are available for photography related task concerning digital enhancement of images using Adobe Photoshop etc., along with mobile device development workshops forming part off each term's offerings regularly throughout the year according to grade wise requirements. 

 • Art Integration Benefits 

Artistic elements are effectively used by Green Park International School CBSE to foster robust problem solving capabilities amongst their students due its distinctive traits involving rich imagination manipulation & visualization accompanied by stimulating curiosity within learners apart from aiding them express themselves confidently through various engagements designed exclusively cater individual student’s interests holistically touching upon multi disciplinary topics thus providing holistic educational outcomes beyond academic excellence alone!

At Green Park International School CBSE, we are committed to helping our students become well-rounded individuals who appreciate the beauty around them through artistic expression! If you would like more information about our programs please contact us today!